My god, my love?

Angel - Demon


O glory of womanhood! O pearl of beauty! Be mine! Let me be thine!

I worship thy gentleness, thy loveliness. Love me: and I shall be yours.

I need nothing but thee: without thee, I perish. See – I faint with longing.


O glory of manhood: I love thee. I take thee to be mine.

Come – enfold me in thy loving arms: and I will give thee happiness hitherto unknown.

In my love you shall be wholly content: seek no more, I yield myself to fulfill our mutual desire.


Indeed, my two pretty lovers! Laud each the other – or your own selves, it matters little – with highest praise! Find what contentment each may: it will satisfy but a little while.

Soon that old, age-long wanderlust will come you once more, subverting your happiness: and what then? To whom, then, will you look for contentment?

Grasp and hold what can: although grasping happiness is like trying to hold water in a sieve!

Arise disappointment! Herald despair!


Love between mortals is but a first step upon the path to Love Divine. It is a first step: nothing more.

Mortals crave the infinite Divine. And though most try to satisfy this craving with temporal, finite pleasures: they succeed as well as the man trying to fill a bottomless pit with a few spadefuls of earth.

Mortals hearts wander ceaselessly – can cannot rest until they find their rest in God. A God-shaped vacuum is planted inside every human heart: humans experience this in their longing for the infinite: for the Divine Logos, the Christos, the Messiah.

So: come to Him all ye who wander, searching; and who are heavy laden: find in Him the rest for which your souls are seeking, and the peace you crave so much.

Sun-shaped love heart


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