For Me?

Before the Cross

They say You came to earth to die. OK – so I agree.
But is it really possible You came to die – for me?
For You must be disappointed when You viewed Your sovereign prize:
For I’m blemished, torn, and broken: all things else are just disguise.

So perhaps You’d rather take me back: to get a good return
Or perhaps leave me to rot on earth. And with the others burn.
For I’m nothing to You – nothing. Though I need You more than air
And this need goes only one way: me to You. Why should You care?

Thus I’m nothing, and a nobody. Just spited, spurned, rejected
And condemned by humankind to be by their slander subjected.
I can’t help You if I wanted to. And though I’d die for love
I could better understand it if You stayed at home above.

But You didn’t. And You chose me. And this not because of me
Or for anything I did. Or was. You knew all this, I see.
‘Twas because You – God – are love, and also to display Your glory
In the transformation of my life: my personal life-story.

So, You came. You died. You rose again. You’ll take me home with thee
Me – the no-name, no-brand son of man. You did all this for me!
I can never understand it: though a million years I live.
Take my life – it’s nothing: just the best that I can give.

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