The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Neihardt’s Cycle of the West

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The world’s best English epic and narrative poetry includes Neihardt’s Cycle of the West. In this cycle of five epics, Neihardt describes in powerful imagery the great themes of America’s Old West: the exploring of the interior; how the meetings transpired between the white men and the red; the brutal Indian Wars concluded by the gun; and the final taming of ‘wild west’ – where the red man’s dreams of earthly bliss recede into a more transcendent paradise.

  • In part 1: The friendship between Will, Mike and Frank has been cemented by many hardships over hard treks: but can it survive the stormy passions aroused by love – and jealousy?
  • In part 2: ‘Old man’ Hugh and ‘young Jamie’ scout, hunt, and fight together as part of Major Henry’s arduous expedition through the trans-Missouri: but how much of their former mutual esteem can remain after encountering the full bitterness of – hate, betrayal, and vengence?

Want to know more?

Not all of Neihardt’s Cycle is available online: due to US copyright restrictions. Follow the links below to:

Neihardt's Song of Hugh Glass Cover Art


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