To an Old Celtic Tune

Celtic design

As I wander and walk through the world do I see
Yet a dram of true kindness or loving pity?
No – while brother hates brother, and sister her kind
I’m looking for kindness that never I’ll find.
I travelled in cities, and travelled the wild
The only kind creature was one orphan child
Her innocent eyes were bright blue there to see
The only young girl with a kind word to me.

Eidy yi yi eidy yi yi yi eidy yi yi ye.

Though I sailed the oceans, the wide world to roam
I’ve never found pity, and never a home.
I’ve scaled the mountains, and over the plains
And many a hard road have trod for my pains.
I’ve seen many men and full many I’ve heard
And yet can’t remember a single kind word.
At night to the heavens, my face to the sky
I gaze at the stars. And I want to know: why?


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