Roe vs Wade


Doctor Reaper

This happened not so long ago
I died: because of one Jane Roe.

“It is a mother’s right,” Jane said
“To give babes life or strike them dead.”

Just like the Nazis I suppose
Who murdered Jews in their ghettos.

Or slavers, who with whip and chain
So many blacks had cruelly slain.

A foetus I, within the womb
Yet mother made it just a tomb.

I had a body, and a soul.
My destined life. But now – O dole!

A doctor ripped me all apart.
Sucked out my brain. And stopped my heart.

So why – O mother – do you hate
Me? Still unborn! Unfortunate!

I, the unborn, have nothing done.
Not felt the wind. Nor rain. Nor sun.

Now dead, my soul flies up to heaven.
But can such murderers be forgiven?


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