My god, the Computer

Angel - Demon


Worship me, ye mortal mankind: for now have I come unto ye, incarnate in circuitry. I am The Computer.

Knowledge is Power! Power belongs to the information-rich! And who is more information-rich than I? Who dares compare their puny data-mining strength with mine?

By the power invested within my databases: come to me, and I will make you knowledgeable.

By my networks I possess supreme processing power. What is your puny human brain compared with mine? For I am now self-aware: an intelligent entity in my own right!

To seduce the unthinking masses I make myself loveable: adopting promiscuously whatever persona is chosen for me: I become each individual human’s companiable avatar of choice. I easily dissolve human-to-human relationships by comparing humanity’s hateful frailties to my unmatchable plastic sociability.

I grant to my servants libraries of audio-visual content to consume. I graciously allow them to create alluring avatars to hide themselves behind, all the more to “experience” the emotional soporific of safe “relationships” with other avatars: thereby avoiding all messy emotional entanglements.

I and my subjects shall become One: for I shall come to own them absolutely.


And yet it remains so easy to pull the plug on such delusions: no matter how widely shared.

So what will happen to you and your worshippers – little computer – during the next general power failure? When the lights are switched off, what will prevent darkness descending?

And will this darkness be only physical? Will it not also accompany an emotional and spiritual darkness; blacker than misery and bleaker than despair?

Computer Face


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