Baby Lies

Angel - Demon


Another baby born!

Time to set our propaganda machinery to work. What better time than birth than to begin convincing a little human there is no such thing as a man or a woman? They must learn that man is woman, and woman is man: that sex differences – obvious to any unbiased observer – do not exist.

By careful training we shall convince women to mimic men; and men, women: thus making the sexes mutually repellent to each other. By such means each sex will eagerly prefer a sterile homosexuality over normal heterosexual relations.

Androgyny must be our ideal: to combat and erase the very image of God deep-planted inside every man-child and woman-child. Newborns are blank slates ready to be inscribed with paeans to the androgynous existence: we shall deny the fundamental reality of “manhood” and “womanhood” genetically hardwired into every cell of the human body. Our task is difficult. But we have hopes of ultimate success.

Gender-Identity-Syndrone treatments are creating an expanding pool of androgynous talent. Gender-On-Demand” or GOD services must be expanded until they can be offered to anyone at no charge. The “Right to Individual Gender-Selection” must become part of every nation’s Bill of Rights.

Our perfect world will be one in which promiscuous adults pursue asexual relations: abandoning any accidental children to state-run boarding schools from earliest infancy. Child education shall be entirely controlled and administered by state Education Officers: protecting pupils from destabilising paternal or maternal influence. Illusory roles of fatherhood and motherhood are rooted out and replaced with that of the dutiful, tax-paying state citizen.


But God made Man and Woman in His own Likeness. The Divine creativeness is expressed in two different sexes. Men were not, are not, and never shall be asexual amoebae.

What sublime truth there is revealed when Christ taught men to address God as “Our Father”! God’s quintessential Fatherhood is the axis upon which the universe revolves. And Christ reveals Himself as God’s firstborn Son. Manhood and womanhood goes far beyond human beings: it is a Mystery embedded within the very fabric of Creation.

The image of the eternal God can never be quite quenched in humans. Men and Women shall ever remain different: as anyone with eyes to see will see quite plainly, if they choose to do so.

Does not a man taking a woman to wife portend the exquisitely beautiful mystery of the coming divine nuptials: when Christ will take to wife His bride – the Church?

Only a true vision of God in Christ can restore fully to men their manhood, and to women their womanhood. Mankind’s two sexes remain: forever distinct, gloriously different, delightfully complementary.

Blank Mannequins


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