The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Homer’s Illiad (in English Translation)

The World's Best English Epic Poetry Banner

The world’s best English epic and narrative poetry includes Alexander Pope’s translation of Homer’s Illiad. During a grueling decade-long siege, King Agamemnon and his allies have grown tired of prosecuting the war against Troy. When Achilles withdraws his support in a fit of pique, Prince Hector seizes his chance: rallying the undaunted armies of Troy, he tries to hurl the besiegers back into the sea.

  • When Achilles finally comes to his senses – will there be anything of the Greek forces worth salvaging from the latest rout?
  • With the Olympic gods themselves divided – some supporting the Greeks, some the Trojans – can a permanent victory for either side ever come to be?

Want to know more?

Trojan Horse


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