Marriage Bond

Drowning in Red Tape

Today in parliament we see:
“Can we destroy the family?
We’ll redefine what marriage means
And Labour will vote with the Greens
So two women, or pair of men
Can be a legal couple then.”

Blind fools! Though from the dawn of time
God made the married state sublime
When Adam Eve took as his wife
And stablished godly married life.
These godless politicians plan
To destroy family. How can
These tyrants arrogantly suppose
They can such laws from hell impose?
But who will say them nay? Oppose
Them not. For it will cost you dear:
Your wealth. Your liberty. In fear
You’ll walk – for the new Gaystapo
Will spy you everywhere you go.
To speak the truth is now “hate speech”
(That’s what the new Gaystapo preach.)
And if you do not toe their line
They’ll bankrupt you with heavy fine
Or let you cool your heels in jail.
All this: because our leaders fail
To uphold truth. To uphold right.
So – valé family. Good night.


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