Orpheus Sings – Angel-Work

Angel clouds

In times ago among the stars a pair of angels walked
Talking between themselves about the creatures being made.
For they had seen great mysteries – about these both them talked.
And what High God was doing made the subject that they sayed.

For they spoke of stars eternal where the Ancient Ones obeyed
And their journey on the axis upon which the heavens swung.
How the cosmic wheels circled in a bright eternal day
And those temples of their order where they worshipped and they sung.

Stopping by a nova flaring they rode down into the star
Watching joyful salamanders playing games of hide-and-seek.
Riding out upon a sunburst soon they travelled on afar
Greeting each surrounding star, calling each by name unique.

Time newly born: they saw her as she trod along the void
Setting still another clutch of planets spinning round their sun.
Each the other haply greeted. Time was busily employed.
So the angels journeyed on – so much to see! For all was young.

Then they watched the young gods playing: throwing comets through the sky
Making cosmic lights to spear and pierce the deep galactic night.
Leaving these, they greeted Sol: admiring how her planets fly
Gazing closer at the third: the latest gift of God’s delight.

What forms would living matter take upon this world so freshly built?
So they asked as each walked down upon the Earth’s Edenic sod.
Little knew they just how soon would angel’s ichor soon be spilt
And war from heaven to earth transferred would take the fight ‘gainst God.

Did this pair hear of the rumors – hellish wakening accursed! –
How Archangel Lucifer would rebel if it came to light
That sons of earth would rule the angels? The last becoming first?
Not if Lucifer could help it! And the rumors grew in might.

Perhaps not. This pair cared only for what God willed was just and good
As on earth they searched the matter out with piercing angel-minds
But were puzzled. For the Earth – it seemed, at some new centre stood
Of a new creative plan hatched by the Supreme Creator’s Mind.

Sons of earth – to sons of heaven – were a mystery opaque
They agreed with one another, looking on the virgin Earth.
Should the sons of earth inherit – a new order they would take
Both agreed. And with a wingbeat soaring on, they sallied forth.

Shortly after, wars in heaven raged. And Lucifer expelled –
He was cast down as a serpent-dragon, forcibly laid low.
Now known as Satan he began a new reign out of hell
Beguiling sons of earth.
Ah but – this was all long ago.


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