Orpheus Sings – Welcome Death – My Friend

Welcome Death

“You’ve come for me – O Death, my friend?
So finally – come for me?
I loved my life. I love my death.
So take my final faltering breath.
For mortal things have mortal end
This I have come to see.”

“Yes my child. I’ve come for you
So place your hand in mine.
Your breath will still – but that’s no cause
For fearful thoughts. As God’s own laws
Remain to guide us straight and true
On spirit-paths sublime.”

“But must my clay dissolve to earth?
And will He harm my soul?
And what are these, the paths we wend
By which we make our journey’s end?
How shall my spirit take rebirth?
And shall I be made whole?”

“I’m Death, my child. A part of life.
I’m just an open door.
Through which you mortals all must go
What happens next, I cannot show:
Excepting what the Scriptures know –
That some will find eternal Good.
Some: Woes eternal gnaw.”

So Death leads: spirit-paths they win
To places mortals hope to dwell.
To where eternal things prevail
And mortals cease all their travail
This chapter close. A longer tale
At Judgement’s Seat with them begins
Bout which this story cannot tell.


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