Disposable Friends

Disposable Friends

If Character no friendship forms –
What will replace such ousted norms?
Seeing present century trends,
It’s clear all want: disposable “friends”.

Friends for purchase, friends for hire.
Rent-a-crowd to any buyer.
Having parties? Need some friends?
Rent them. Ditch them; when it ends.

Friends to whisper their false cheer.
Friendly lies we need to hear.
Like sweets: consume them by the dozen.
Call them: Brother! Sister! Cousin!

When you need your friends no more
Dispose of them: an easy chore.
There’s plenty more where these came from.
Need friends? Have some of mine: take some.

In any colour, any flavour
Get the type of friend you favour.
Shop around. Then try and see.
Buy one. Maybe get one free.

Friend’s just a name, ourselves to gull.
Thus friends are now disposable.


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