Speech with Death

Tomb Door

Once, when alone, I met with Death.
We spoke beneath a tree.
I said: “Death overcomes the light
Death is a grave. No more respite
From entering eternal night.”
Death said: “This is not me.”

Said I, thus speaking there with Death
With anger in my voice:
“Why Death, you are a charnel grave!
A crypt, a tomb, with nothing save
Unending night, a silent cave!”
Death said: “That is your choice.”

I then continued next, to Death
Though slightly Mystified.
“Well Death, if I can truly choose
After my mortal body loose,
Well, I would such an end refuse!”
“All choose before they’ve died.”

Then silent, I, stood before Death
Who spoke thus next and said:
“You think me but an evil sprite
Who turns your day into midnight.
But rather I bring a new light:
New life to those who’re dead!”

I stood in silence. Softly, Death:
“Death opens but the door:
To other worlds, for men to go
And live forever. This I know:
For good, and bad. Yea, this is so.
Death is new life: and more.”

Then leaving, last these words spake Death:
“Again you I shall greet!
The spirit lives when body dies.
And new worlds wait your spirit’s eyes.
From angels seek further replies.
Farewell. Till next we meet.”


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