The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Barrett-Browning’s Battle of Marathon

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The world’s best English epic and narrative poetry includes Barrett-Browning’s The Battle of Marathon.

When Darius the Great orders his immense army march west to annex additional territories; no-one in the Persian court predicted that some fractious, independent Greek city-states stood any chance against the Persian super-power. And yet at Marathon in 490BC, Darius’ plans received a decisive check in the brilliant Athenian offensive overseen by the aged but hardy Miltiades: who over-ran the Persian army just landed upon their coasts, cutting their opponents down to the last man.

But some of the Greeks’ enemies are more than mortal: Aphrodite herself swears vengeance for the actions of their forebears in destroying her beloved Troy generations ago.

  • Can Miltiades continue successfully guiding his fellow Athenians to future greatness; when rival factions lead by Themistocles and Aristides grow only stronger day by day?
  • Can even Jove himself protect the Athenians he loves from the whimsical – but fatal – wiles of his daughter, the goddess of love?

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The Battle of Marathon Cover Art


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