Birthday Girl

Barbie on Pegasus

My daughter – growing woman. Young and beautiful and free.
I’m so proud to be your father. There’s no prouder dad than me!
You have grown up so fast – I wonder where the time has gone.
For this little while together – then you’ll leave and journey on.

You have barbies for your barbies. Your have pegasii and horse.
You would buy another thousand – if you had the cash, of course.
You would stuff your room so full of books and toys you’d have to leave
And sleep under the stars. And you’d be happy, I believe.

As you study in your bible – think on Hannah, think on Ruth,
And on Deborah, Queen Esther – and the others who held Truth
Dearer than their own belovéd lives. Love God and follow Christ.
And He will make your paths go straight. His grace always sufficed.


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