Lady Fate

Angel Sword

I walked alone in thoughtful state
And crossed my path with: Lady Fate!
“Aho!” said I. “Come – let me by!”
“Walk where I bid thee, thus say I.”
“Walk where? And who – who might you be?”
“I’m Lady Fate who speaks to thee.”
“I’ve my freewill – go where I please!”
“Nay sir. Why you should I release?”
“I’ll walk this path if I should want!”
“ Nay – only if by leave I grant.”

I stalked in anger down the lane
But then met Lady Fate again!
“I choose this path by my free choice!”
“You came here following my voice.”
“But you – who are you? What you be?”
She only smiled mysteriously.

Yet on I walked, and further on
The country miles. The birds’ sing-song
I pause to hear, my pace abate
But only to see – Lady Fate.
I trembled: was my every step
My every word, each thought I kept
Inside my head in secrecy
In truth but made by Fate in me?

In trouble, down upon my knees
I begged, I prayed for quick release
Lest Fate – like Atropos of eld
Cut off my thread of life she held.
And Lady Fate, smiling cruelly
She beckoned that I come to she.
But then: a brazen trumpet sound!
An angel of the Lord flew down
With sword uplift: and Fate she flies
And I’m delivered from her lies!

So Lady Fate I’ll never see
While Heaven guides my destiny.


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