Faerie Song

Faerie Queen

In the dead of night, on the Faerie lawn
In the still moonlight, mid the ivy shorn
Walk the Faerie folk, and the pixie men
And trolls, and imps, and the hobgoblin
Who disdain to treat with us human kind
Who prefer to hide if they us do find.
But not all – for the Queen of the folk Faerie
Hid she not from my sight: and full fair was she.

So the Faerie queen, thus saluteth me
And she says: “Will you travel across the sea?
To live out for awhile ‘mongst the Faerie kind?
Leaving kith, leaving kin, and your land behind?
Well, I took her hand, and then straight we flew
By the misty stars, and the moon still new
To the Faerie land, to the Faerie isle
Where I lived, and I walked, and I stayed awhile.
And the years hurried away, but I noticed them less
Dwelling there, on the isle, as a Faerie guest.

Can I think, I recall, to my memory
Anything of my times, there across the sea?
Why, Oh yes! Castles, towers and magical things
And of beautiful works fit to grace earthly kings.
And of wine, and of dancing, throughout every night
And of stories related by sweet Faerie light.
Of the Queen and her maids and lissome train
Of my trip overseas and then back again.
Of strange mysteries, many such I recall.
I may tell you someday. But I’ll not tell you all.
Only guests, taken there by the Faerie Queen
Are fit meant to learn, of the things I’ve seen.


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