Orpheus Sings – Slander-Devil


What speaks with devil’s wicked tongue?
Just like a snake, primed with venom?
A two-faced person: Janus-like
Who always evil will requite.

Its tongues are formed all barbed and bold
To slander brazenly. All told
In every quarter all around
Each lie blared forth with loudest sound.

Of its two heads: one charms the view
Extracts your secrets, feigning true –
Then turns to show its second face:
Whose ugly spite brings your disgrace.

For what can counter many lies?
The truth? But rarely! Where mud flies
It sticks. Integrity undeniable
Drowns beneath the tonnes of libel.

Flee slander-devils! They betray
All that they hear the selfsame day.
These two-faced monsters you despise
So heed them not! Their speech: all lies!

Note where these devils live on earth
And give their evil lairs wide berth.
Their filthy words God shall repay
Them their full worth on Judgement Day.


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