Birthday Reflection 2012

Berlin Wall Fall

In forty years I’ve seen a lot of changes on the earth.
In my own generation, in my years elapsed since birth.
Technology has wrought a revolution in a way –
But human hearts have hardly changed at all, I have to say.

Remember when the Berlin wall came down? Well, I sure do.
The Olympics held in Moscow? Yes, that I remember too.
When ABBA was a household name? Their songs for the first time
Aired globally? I heard them too. Such memories are mine.

There was a time the Internet did not connect each home.
There was a time when “CD” was an acronym unknown.
When mobile phones did not exist. Nor laptaps. Nor iPad.
My first computer screen was black and green: that’s all it had.

But has the human race progressed so much on the inside?
Are later generations smarter than the ones that died?
More moral? Better people? Or much happier? Or not?
They’re much like me when I was young: we share the common lot.

If God should grant me forty extra years: what shall I see?
A huge advance in medicine? Better technology?
Perhaps. Yet still with weary hearts will men cry out for love
Their “God-shaped hole” is only satisfied by God above.


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