Entitlement Mentality

It's all about me

I’m Entitlement Mentality. I’m prevalent today
Across the western world where nanny states are holding sway.
I do precisely: nothing. But I still expect to eat
Upon a silver platter – which you shall lay by my feet.

Entitlement Mentality – its acronym E-M
Is taking all this world by storm. It is so useful when
Reversing now the acronym, you all can plainly see
The universe at large is all about: you pleasing ME.

I’m entitled to respect as well: no matter what I think
Or I’ll sue the pants right off you just as soon as you can blink.
Which means: though racist, white supremacist, satanist, and gay,
Paedophile, serial murderer: I still demand my say.

Besides my right to do no work: I need food and a roof.
And flat screen television. Of dependance: I’m the proof.
I’ll take your many discount services. Free education
And blow a budget deficit right through the hosting nation.

Entitlement gives me a worthy free and easy ride
Taxpayers’ generosity just leaves me warm inside.
Today I’ll organise a riot – or some other lark
While newsmen glorify me: you can whistle in the dark.


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