Orpheus Sings – Falling to Pieces

Falling 2 Pieces

On the day I fell to pieces, tidal waves had swamped my mind
Tsunamis of charged emotion – fueled by betraying mankind:
Yea – by all my kith and kindred, by the friends I once held dear,
And by those who had professed deep love: the closest, and most near.

These all cut my soul to pieces, taking turns to stab my back
Laughing loudly, yelling slander; they enjoyed every attack.
For they aimed to rob me blind: me disinherit, cut my purse.
They succeeded only too well. I their joke – the one they cursed.

So the righteous man was cast down. Righteous not by what I’ve done:
Righteous only by the choice of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son.
Yet the righteous man may stumble seven times – and rise again.
So – rejoice not, O my enemies. I rise in Heaven’s Name.

Each and every time you hell-spawn try again to cut me down
I’ll rise up – though broken, bloodied. I will wear the victor’s crown.
For this persevering lamb becomes a lion as I wait
Upon the Lord my strength renewing. God’s love overcomes your hate.

O – the devil may yet crush me. And his servants hurt me much.
But I remain hedged round by God. And I know this – they cannot touch
Even a hair upon my head lest God permit it. All their spite
Is transformed by God to bless me, for my eternal delight.

Such as these can’t harm my spirit. My salvation rests secure
In the hands of God Almighty; in whose strength I will endure –
Infusing me with godly joy – so shall I overcome
And will take my place in heaven when my Saviour calls me home.


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