Orpheus Sings – Call To Arms

Knight in Armour

Grasp the sword and kick the steed
Ride! Ride on! Away – make speed!
The traitors come to take the land
We are betrayed! We make our stand.

Arthur, King in Camelot
We serve in battles waxing hot.
We fight for King – and not for gold.
We fight. We die. The young and old.

The King’s side took I from the first
Against his foes we seethed and burst
Like mighty waves of youthful pride
When fought we first at Arthur’s side.

The foes returned. We struck them hard –
And built his kingdom. Bolted, barred
His castles to protect the land
And joined our kin to see them manned.

But with the years, the paynim flood
Is never staunched – unless with blood!
We’re aging – still I swing my sword
Protecting kingdom, King and lord.

So when will peace come to remain?
When will we quiet hearths regain?
How long until – our wars complete –
Our swords to ploughshears we may beat?

But traitors ride, and Modred stands
To rob the king of all his lands
His honour, table, friends and wife
And last – to take his very life.

I Arthur love – with him I’ll stand
Or fall. May blows from my strong hand
Repay cursed Mordred’s treachery
With his own blood. So mote it be.

But extra life one cannot buy
And warriors all must surely die.
So Arthur – King, and my liege-lord
If I should die – pledge me your word
My lady tell I died still true
To God, to King, to her and you.
Her tears yours join, and mingling cries
Your hands both close my tired eyes.


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