The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Milton’s Paradise Lost

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The world’s best English epic and narrative poetry includes Milton’s Paradise Lost.

When Lucifer – resenting the first place being awarded to another – exalts himself to assume the first place in heaven: a violent war ensues, which results in Lucifer and his legions being expelled by force. Flung into the depths of the nether-world, Lucifer and his henchmen embark upon fortifying their new home: before Lucifer – now Satan – sets out raise rebellion against God in other worlds.

  • Can Satan – the arch-deceiver – succeed in subverting other races, other worlds – to join his rebellion against the Creator?
  • Even if Satan’s is able to beguile others to join him: does a way remain for rebels to surrender, and become reconciled to their omnipotent God once more?

Want to know more?

Lucifer Cast Out of Heaven


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