The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Lewis’ Queen of Drum

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Part of the world’s best English epic and narrative poetry includes Lewis’s The Queen of Drum.

In this poignant poem, the Kingdom of Drum is subject to a palace revolution: the top-ranked army general cleanly disposes of the aged – and doddery – king and proclaim himself the replacement monarch. The spirited, young queen – ordered to promptly remarry the general – pretends acquiescence: escaping en route to her place of incarceration.

With the hue-and-cry being raised in pursuit behind her, the fugitive queen employs her woodland skills to lose herself quickly in the depths of the forest. On the move – and free for the moment – she faces an exquisitely agonising choice of how best she might remove herself beyond the risk of recapture. Will she:

  • Submit her will to a higher power – as her own good confessor urged – to hope and pray to the Christian God? Or…
  • Acquiesce to her own dark promptings, to follow the paths of spirits and pass beyond the common world into Faerie?

Want to know more?

Sadly, this text is not yet in the public domain – being published only in 1969. It is in print, and be purchased as part of a collection of Lewis’ Narrative poems.

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