The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Longfellow’s Evangeline

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Part of the world’s best English epic and narrative poetry includes Longfellow’s Evangeline.

When Evangeline marries her beloved Gabriel in the overflowing peace and prosperity of their native Arcardy: her bliss is complete. But alas – not for long: for the British forcibly expel the entire populance, and of those who survive – many flee across the border to seek new lives and fortunes in America.

Separated from her husband, Evangeline travels for years around the wild west – lodging with sympathetic ex-Arcadians: following the rumored movements of Gabriel. For his part, Gabriel – thinking Evangeline dead – loses himself in the deepest wilds working as a trapper; seeking only to forget his fond memories of Arcady – and Evangeline.

Decades later, an aged Evangeline abandons her fruitless search and settles in Philadephia to join the charitable Sisters of Mercy. But the fates have not yet finished working their wiles on the ill-starred girl.

  • While the Sisters of Mercy continue nurse the sick and dying transported from boundary communities, is it yet possible for Sister Evangeline to recognise the fevered features of someone she once knew – and loved?

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