The Forgotten Man


Man alone in the rain

They call me “The Forgotten Man” because I labour out of home
I man the house. I bake our bread. Make money. Always work alone.
My children from me learn of Christ: Him how to worship, how to love.
I teach them doctrine. Thus our minds are lit by truth revealed above.

God smiles on our polity. Provides our every need and care.
Us hedges round, while godless hate attempts our souls to crush and snare.
The noisome world its slippery path descends: our souls grip Christ our light.
My children to adulthood grow. God still our help. Our strength. Our might.

The feminists us men despise. For now all men must women be:
Fathers, husbands are expunged. Mankind: embrace androgyny!
Break marriage chains! Babies abort: for life and death lies in their hands.
Their “right to children” needs no men: for sperm banks meet their each demand.

And barrenness is trendy too: children are chains from which we free
Illicit loves like: lesbians, or homosexuality.
The Fatherhood of God is lost: this pivot of the universe
Rejected. Jesus’ prayer “Our Father” spurned, and treated like a curse.

Old creeds must change to suit the times: God is a “She”. And churches too
Agree too often: sweetly preaching lies from pulpit and from pew.
No wrathful God. No sinful man. No judgement. And no cross of shame.
Let good be bad. And evil good. And all such preachers bear the blame.

“There is no sin!” the speaker thunders. “Come – increase your self-esteem!”
Then there is neither any Gospel – that is what they really mean.
Lies, hypocrisy and falsehoods: preached for mammon and for fee.
Undermining all who listen: excepting those who turn and flee.

From all such lying, may God free us. Men are men – and fathers too;
Christ’s brothers are the priests and kings and prophets of this covenant new.
Manhood distinct from womanhood: different but complementary.
Both gifts from God. Both have their honour. God: open blind eyes to see!


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