Tales from the Forgotten Isles – Captain Shadow-Light

Captain Shadow-Light background

Captain Shadow-Light was a faerie-lad,
And who sailed the wild seas.
And he smashed all chains as he freed the slaves
Trapped in foul slaver’s galleys.

He was wild and fey, and a faerie-glow
Oft was seen about his form.
But his freed ex-slaves never cared one wit
For his sake they’d risk all harm.

It was said that he was an ex-slave freed
Who had lost all kin and kith.
He himself said nought. But would draw his sword
And then hew slavers to death.

But a witch-maelstrom came and sunk his boat
And he went down with his crew.
But a few will say, that he was caught up
On his faerie-wings and flew.

But alive or dead, Captain Shadow-Light
Is remembered beyond the grave.
Every slaver fears that he could return
To make free their every slave.

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