Gateway to the World

Black Hole

A babe is born.

Such normal human miracles occur each day upon the weary earth.
So – why does frail mortality choose such a pathway into life?
For every one of all the myriad human lives who’ve lived before
Have each and every one come through those portals of their mother’s womb.
Excepting two.

The womb for every human forms our only gateway onto earth.
Within the womb our soul becomes enfleshed inside a mortal shell.
From whence comes soul? Without! Our gift from a Creator God to us.
The portal opens – we are born. Our entrance made into the world.
For good, or ill.

So when my body dies – will my rebirth be like it was before?
When I receive perfected flesh – will I be in a cosmic womb?
Or – spurning babyhood – an adult body newly made put on
And run into a paradise? I do not know. For beyond life
An opaque curtain – namely death – its secrets keeps from human ken.
Lest God reveals.


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