Tales from the Forgotten Isles – Dragon Song

Dragon Song

Whirl! Whirl in a dragon-flight.
With our beating wings and our clinking scales
Across airy skies, we will drift and sail.

Roar! Roar out into the sky!
For the dragon comes through the evening air
To come as he pleases: let all beware!

Stone! Stone makes our cavern strong.
For our gold and gems are the finest bed
Took from mortal kings while the mortals bled.

Flame! Flame them into a crisp
Greedy thieves who come to rob and steal
Leave their bones to rot, their cold blood congeal.

Mage! Mage – hate the wizard’s power.
Though they be but the cleverest sons of men
They cast spells which can harm us and thwart our ken.

Time! Time makes the dragon strong.
Many lives of men makes a dragon great
Grows him strong – to revenge take and glut his hate.

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