I opened up a book today.
What did I see? What did it say?
We talked. I with my faithful friend
About the ways all good things tend.

My book: companion of my choice
Who soothes me with its calming voice.
Who counsels me when things are wrong.
Who sings deep wisdom with its song.

Whose pages me will not betray
Nor slander me in evil day.
My every confidence will keep
And watch me ever though I sleep.

My books are always ready, near
To talk with me. And me to hear.
They don’t desert me, nor disgrace
Nor leave me for some other place.

They each unfold a cheerful tale
Of heaven, nature, or unveil
Sweet mysteries, my soul’s delight!
Food spiritual they me requite.

My books explain the present, past
And future times that shall outlast
Myself. Their peoples, times and fate
To me them all they recreate.

So when alone, not lonely I
When all my friends are so nearby.
They crowd around me – all so dear
Me love, instruct; comfort and cheer.


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