Tales from the Forgotten Isles – Dragon Flight

Dragon Flight

Our scaly beast on airy wings pursues the wind
Its slitted eyes take yellow-glances at the moon
Its scales gleam and sparkle in the soft moonbeams
We dragon ride –

To see a home we’ve never seen
Returning to our people from across the sea
Led on by hope. A dragon-song we sing tonight
Beneath the moon and stars we sing aloud for joy.
The dragon skims the waves, delighted by the sea
And soars aloft to catch the warming streams of air
To sail along. We catch our breath in dragon-flight.
And soon – so soon – the spires of our people’s town
Will come to view. The home we lost will soon be found
And recompense for years of tears at last be made.

The dragon flies. We crouch into his scaly hide.
He swoops. And soars. We ride the dragon wind tonight.

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