Librivox – Scott – The Bridal of Triermain

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I’ve worked with Librivox and to produce free audiobook versions of Sir Walter Scott’s The Bridal of Triermain: one with – the other without – sound effects.

Scott’s The Bridal of Triermain is a rhymed, romantic, narrative poem which weaves together elements of popular English legend using various dramatic themes.

This beautiful poem celebrates the exploits of a knight errant – Sir Roland De Vaux – as he seeks to rescue (and hopefully espouse) a beautiful maiden, Gyneth. Gyneth is the illegitimate daughter of King Arthur: doomed by Merlin 500 years previously to an enchanted sleep inside a magic castle. The enchantment can only be broken by a rescuer both brave and noble enough to overcome the temptations used successively to distract and overcome prospective suiters, namely: fear, wealth, pleasure and pride.

Download Scott’s The Bridal of Triermain audiobook:

with sound effects | without sound effects

The Bridal of Triermain by Sir Walter Scott Cover Art


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