And now I see

Stairway to heaven

  • And is this death?
  • So why do I now see so clearly
  • What once I thought I saw?
  • My body – now just a supine bag of bones
  • Lies still.
  • My spirit soars towards the heavens
  • And discerns the hidden somethings
  • Always sensed, but never learned
  • While walked I in the ways of flesh.
  • And all the little mysteries of earth
  • Are found completely understood
  • In this new resurrection life.
  • But what I valued once
  • I set at nought.
  • And so much of what I set at nought
  • Or valued way too little
  • Find I to be of inestimable worth
  • To my King.
  • I would once have burned with shame:
  • The path to heaven is ne’er strewed
  • With baubles such as wealth, nor homes
  • Nor cars nor clothes nor PhDs
  • Nor food to eat. Nor busy-ness.
  • I would have ashamed be:
  • But knowing Him who took my shame
  • And cast it into utter darkness
  • He remade me into this glorious form
  • So like and unlike my old jar of clay:
  • Angelic, godlike –
  • Like unto heros of olden days
  • The Nephilim and others of their ilk
  • So long forgot.
  • But every godly word, and deed
  • And helpful act made out in love
  • Harvests to me an hundredfold
  • Return, and makes a work
  • Of wond’rous beauty ‘fore the Judge
  • Of all this earth, this wear’ed Eden;
  • Whose sin erased the memories all
  • Of a far happier time
  • When time meant little:
  • If not nothing at all.
  • The love I bore for others is
  • Remembered here.
  • My sin in blotted out.
  • I see so clearly!
  • ‘Tis only when I lose my fleshly eyes
  • That I can saw I truly see.
  • Oh now I see!


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