I walked through the night to see Luna fair
Whose tresses weave through the star-lit air.
Whose radiant face laves the earth with light
As it lies asleep, ‘neath the sable night –
Luna, the maiden fair.

My feet travel far through an unknown world
Washed black and white with her light unfurled.
In all shades of grey is the world recast
As I search out the light of her face at last –
Luna, the maiden fair.

Now the stars sing true in the still of the night
And Luna speaks of her love as she might.
Of her ages past, and her age to come
Of her touch on the sand over which waves run –
Luna, the maiden fair.

By her touch in the night, living trees are stone
And the world she creates is but hers alone.
All the known paths into unknown turned
Only her votaries have her secrets learned –
Of Luna, the maiden fair.

But her home is the night and mine is the day
She will travel by, and look down as she may.
But I will return, through the door of the night
While her gaze transforms everything by her light –
By the glance of my Luna, fair.

2009-08-05 Luna-scaled


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