Free me from awe-less-ness

Jesus Creator

We have lost the awe of God. We are awe-less.

This is terrifying to me. How can kneeling before the creator of the universe have become so humdrum? So banal? So meaningless? So everyday?

Oh yeah – I know how this all came about:

  1. it is because on TV the movie special effects are so cool. How can the glory of a natural sunset compare to Terminator II?
  2. or it is because Darwin has explained everything away in terms of natural selection of survival of the fittest. I’ve survived therefore I’m the fittest (and the rest of you don’t matter).
  3. or it is because Freud dismissed my neurological synapses as being generated by repressed fears, or obsessions, or both. And in addition my reality is now a mere figment of somebody else’s imagination.

The harsh irony remains that our society’s economic wealth has afflicted us with a poverty of genuine emotion. We’re all like dead men walking: unable to feel anything. Our only remedy is to tap into TV’s ready made emotions: and to pipe them into our very bedrooms.

  • If I want to laugh – I’ll watch some comedies.
  • If I want to cry – I’ll watch some soaps. Or Oprah.
  • If I want to feel outrage – I’ll watch the news.
  • If I want to think – I’ll outsource it to the media-outlets to do it for me. (Let’s see – this week will I decide to think like Packer, or like Murdoch?)

Jesus came to give me life and life to the full.

Come fill me up Jesus! I want to live!


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