Spaceman Explorer

Back on old Earth, it so happened my birth
In beautiful, elderly days.
Training on base, I soon got me a place
And signed up the new spacing craze.

Jumped to the moon. After – leaving it soon
I wandered a bit around Mars.
Ran the whole gamet from planet to planet
Then set my course for the stars.

Set my course right for those pinpricks of light
Millions of light-years away.
Full concentration in light hibernation
Hope I’ll return yet – one day.

Unsure what I’ll find on the galaxy-rind
But ready for danger deployed.
Run right along it and follow the comet
Mining the rich asteroid.

Skirting the masses of hydrogen gases
‘Round supernovas that burst.
Journeying solo I’ll come through a black hole
And visit a new universe.

2009-10-03 Spaceman Explorer-scaled


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