Librivox – Yeats – The Wanderings of Oisin

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I’ve worked with Librivox to provide a free audiobook version of The Wanderings of Oison by William Yeats.

This narrative poem is composed in three parts, and consists of a dialogue between the aged Irish hero Oisín and St. Patrick.

Oisín relates his three-hundred year sojourn in the immortal isles of Faerie. In the isles, Oisín married the beautiful Sidhe Niamh: together they traveled, feasted, and quested. At last Oisín succumbs to the temptation to return and visit the lands of mortal men: inadvertently slipping from his faerie horse, his body touches the ground and instantly becomes that of a decrepit old man.

Oisín describes his travels and adventures in various of the immortal isles: contrasting his noble past deeds with the present degenerate weakness of the current generation.

Download Yeats’ The Wanderings of Oisín Librivox audiobook.

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One thought on “Librivox – Yeats – The Wanderings of Oisin

  1. Hi, I found you through the Librivox recording of the Wise Woman and decided to check your writing out! You’ve done lots!!! I listen to the books on my ipod while crocheting! My husband usually hogs the computer so…We live in Egypt so it is too hot to go out during the day. So I keep myself busy writing, working with wool and listening to stories. I find I am listening to stories that I wouldn’t normally have the patience to read!!! Plus English books are very expensive here and I cannot justify spending 80LE on a book when people get paid 150LE a month and have to feed their families on it! My Irish guilt!!!
    I am now downloading this one. I love the Oisin story and absolutely love Yeats!!! I wish I’d been alive during that time of Irish writing! I am very much enjoying your projects. Your voice works for me!! Sometimes it can be a great story but the narrator doesn’t have the right voice for it. Yours is good!!
    Many thanks.

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