Priestly sacrifice

  • I raise my bloodied hands to thee in worship.
  • My arms stream with gore are splashed by fearful limbs that struggled helplessly against the unpitying knife. And I have killed as Thy will desired.
  • For You demanded sacrifice: and I gave it. Unwilling at first – and then the more willing I became: I shrugged off apathy and became entranced with the ensuing struggle for life and death.
  • I loved my sacrificial offering dearly: as dearly as Abraham loved Issac. As Abraham loved his son, Issac, who was offered on the mountain top: so too I loved the thing I sacrificed. It was a dear-bought offering given for the One who Himself had bought my soul.
  • It was not too dear a sacrifice – for nothing is too dear for You my Lord – but still it cost me dear. I treasured this gift for years – hugging it to my heart’s-beat, listening to its life-warmth throbbing through my veins. But now it’s nothing: charred ash upon Youraltar of worship.
  • You are a stern Master, some say, to demand such costly gifts as these be dedicated and burned to ash: but such as these know You not. How can You not be stern about evil in this life – my sin – when evil cost You Your own son’s life? Nay – rather say that “my Master made a way for me while I yet was His enemy!”
  • And still I cried as I killed the sacrifice upon the altar: for I loved it dearly, and now it is no more. It’s dying limbs struggled feebly for awhile in the growing pool of weltering blood upon the cold stones: and then I touched the torch onto the well-seasoned wood, and saw the flames grow brighter, brighter – Oh so bright! And the ensuing fire consumed it all.
  • For it was my life – my own life – that I sacrificed today. You asked a hard thing of me – something against which every inclination of my soul screamed out in mortal anguish. And yet I gave You my life.
  • “But lost life for Your sake is real life found anew.” (Mt 10:39)


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