Berlin wall hammer

I’ve stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon. This canyon is over one mile deep, and is up to 18 miles wide.

And yet it is easier for a man taking a running jump to clear the Grand Canyon than it is to build a bridge to the human heart separated from himself by accumulated sins of DIVISION.

DIVISION can be thought of as a stronghold – a castle if you will. And many are the building blocks that Satan and his angels use to construct the moat and walls of division. They’re widely known by such names as “pride”, “envy”, poisonous “hate”, “slander”, “gossip” – the list goes on. Often these building blocks are cloaked with a plausible covering of supercilious religiosity.

The stronghold of division begins with a wide moat: fronting walls that tower high towards a lowering sky. The walls act to cast a shadow over the futile souls who choose to dwell within the stronghold enclosure. (Of course the denizens of the stronghold delude themselves, by trying hard to believe they live the life kings. It is sad to think that they often succeed in believing their own delusion…)

In spite of the high walls and the deep moat: outside the stronghold the sun continues to shine, the flowers continue to grow and the children continue to play and throw little pebbles into the moat’s water to hear and see them splash. While the sound of their laughter echoes merrily skywards – it is blown away by the wind well before anyone inside the stronghold hears it.

For joy dwells not with pride. Wherefore does peace retreat to, when envy rears the walls? And while these stronghold walls do their best to shut out the sun: yet the sun rises each morning and shines on quite regardless. The walls, in fact, do grow warm in the sunlight – and this despite their best efforts to remain cool and chilly (if not downright frosty).

Powerful indeed must be the man who is able to pull down the walls that divide and cross over that moat to rescue the prisoners that pine away within the castle of DIVISION.


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