Librivox – MacDonald – The Wise Woman

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I’ve worked with Librivox to provide a free audiobook version of The Wise Woman by George MacDonald.

This delightful story describes how a woman of mysterious powers pays visits to two very different young girls: one a princess, the other a shepherd’s daughter. Neither girl is left unchanged by the startling events that are unleashed as a result: and the reader is confronted by astonishing fairy-worlds in which the girls are forced to choose between good and evil.

Download MacDonald’s The Wise Woman Librivox audiobook.

Cover Art for MacDonald's Wise Woman


2 thoughts on “Librivox – MacDonald – The Wise Woman

  1. Nathan,

    I just finished listening to your LibriVox recording of “The Wise Woman.” Thank you so much for your contribution! This work is the first of MacDonald’s I’ve completed, and I enjoyed it very much. As a Christian, I was encouraged to reflect on the way that God has set His love on and disciplines me, for analogies in the story abound. Thank you specifically for the speed at which you read (on the faster side, but follow-able and preferable to slow) and your love for the prose which is evident in the tone of your voice and your “getting into character.”

    Christina Soukup

  2. I am really really loving this. Your accent really relaxes me when you are reading about the rains,the trees, the forest and nature in general. And I love how you speed up and slow down at times, it’s very melodic. I listened at the beach today, you kept me company wonderfully. THank you! Emilia

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