Paired Opposites

Conscripted to an office where the paper-cuts were legion,
Where thinking died from red-tape, regulation stamped out reason.
I walked outside and left behind the petty office spite

I looked upon the flowers growing free in the sunlight
And realised that the flowers were the more important sight.

Dragooned by education, and compelled to learn by rote
I struggled through its subjects and contrived to stay afloat.
School’s ended now. So now, at night, I gaze upon the stars
And contemplate the universe that stretches to afar
And marvel that the moonlight shows me more than algebra.

Shanghaied into a church I heard the priestcraft’s lying cant
Extort the tithes, deride the flock, tell others to “repent”.
Come out into the sunlight, rather hear the ocean swell
Come hear instead the Spirit speaking volubly and well
His whisperings within your heart; the words He has to tell.

2009-08-01 Paired Opposites-scaled


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