Librivox – Arnold – Sohrab and Rustum

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I’ve worked with Librivox to provide a free audiobook version of Sohrab & Rustum by Matthew Arnold.

This poem transplants concepts of chivalric knighthood into the world of the Orient: telling the story of how two famed warriorgenerals – Sohrab and Rustum – engage in single combat in lieu of the general melee: to spare the lives of the men under their respective commands. The young Sohrab is defeated by the elder Rustum: but while Sohrab lies dying, he declares proudly his ancestral lineage.

So it is that just before the younger dies – after Rustum demands, and receives, certain proofs of Sohrab’s identity: that Rustum knows for a certainty (to his growing horror and shame) that he has slain his only son and sole heir: but whom he had never previously met

Download Arnold’s Sohrab & Rustum Librivox audiobook.

Cover Art for Arnold's Sohrab and Rustum


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