The Ragnarök Epic

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An original epic poem by antipodeanwriter!

In the Ragnarök Epic the doom of the gods draws near: the universe slowly sinks towards its destruction: the evil powers awake and grow strong

But first the ruling Aesir are themselves betrayed by one of their own – Loki: whose defection serves only to strengthen their enemies. And now Time itself begins to draw to its fatal close: Asgard is surrounded and beset by powerful enemies: for all know that the Aesir and their Vanir allies must fall.

The Aesir will ride out boldly to meet their doom: the Fates have decreed it. But before the battle commences, Odin secludes himself to ponder the end of all things: to wonder what will happen after the Nameless One shatters the World-Tree, allowing its ruined bulk to fall back into the seething whirlpools of primeval Chaos?



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