The One

The One Cross

  • Before the worlds came to exist; before the Earth had come to be,
    When formlessness was everywhere – when light was not, and nought to see
    They waited for The One.
  • When Adam sinned and fell with Eve; was thrust from Eden and expelled,
    As Satan laughed at bringing death, wanting to drag God’s kids to hell –
    They waited for The One.
  • Creation groans, sundered from God: banded with a dreadful curse.
    Mankind exiled, with labour groans: his pain shocks through the universe.
    Until God sends The One.
  • He came, The Christ – came incarnate. The Lamb of God, He came to die.
    To satisfy God’s punishment: the human sin-debt nullify.
    For Jesus was the One.
  • He came! He walked the earth as man: a perfect death for perfect vice.
    And He was Yahweh’s only Son: the only perfect sacrifice.
    I thank God for The One.


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