Kahil Gibran – The Prophet & The Sermon on the Mount

Gibran The Prophet Cover

  • “When Love beckons to you, follow Him,
  • Though His ways are hard and steep.
  • And when His wings enfold you, yield to Him…”
  • “…For even as Love crowns you so shall He crucify you.
  • Even as He is for your growth, so is He for your pruning.”

Kahil Gibran, The Prophet

His thinking is strikingly profound, and his language is beautiful. Gibran – just like many of us – struggles to understand the complexities of the world and universe that surrounds us.

Raised in a Christian Lebanese environment, some of his language contains fascinating echoes of biblical truths.

A reflection on Mt 5 – imitating the style of Gibran

The Prophet, Yeshua, stood upon the hillside. Many were those who followed him: most did not really know why they were there.

They felt His love for them. They knew He understood them. It was enough.

Yeshua felt His heart move within Him. He spoke with compassion for the multitude.

  • “We will speak of living. Nor is living simply the intake and expelation of breath. Living is loving – God first, man second. And your love for God must overflow into your love for man.”
  • “When you loose what is most dear to you, it is a blessing and not a cursing. For in loosing what is dear you gain The One who is most dear.”
  • “When you care for others and are full of cares for others, it is a blessing and not a cursing. For in being full of such cares you will be fully cared for.”
  • “When you have your inside world, that is your mind and heart put right; it is a blessing and not a cursing. For when makes your inside world right you can see Him in the outside world.”
  • “When you are persecuted because of your commitment to God, it is a blessing and not a cursing. For such persecution will drive you deeper and deeper into God’s own kingdom.”
  • “When you are lied about, discredited or thrown out; it is a blessing and not a cursing. For such actions are performed by those made uncomfortable by the truth.”

When Yeshua had made an end of speaking, He went His way. And some followed Him.

But most returned to their own place.


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