God’s Peace

Peace dove flying above globe

I think I feel the peace e’en through the storm
That shatters everything before the fearsome force
Of its titan breath.

Although the tsunami of worldly cares attempt to flood
And drown my joy amidst the rising waters of crushing sorrow
I fear no evil.

The forest fire burns with rage all things whate’er
It takes ahold of: devouring distance as hungrily as
It feasts on forest trees, reducing them to smoking ash.
Gold fears no fire.

A devilish lion stalks abroad tonight. My soul it wants to take into its maw to slake its never-ending thirst. It roars out angry threatenings while seeking yet who it may devour.

But my soul is bought and paid for by One stronger than he.

I rest in peace:

  • through fearsome storm
  • through drowning seas
  • through raging fire
  • though roaring lion-devil stalks abroad.

A peace not of this world: not found in it; rather quite distinct and well apart from it.

A peace that stands a man apart on firmest footing while yet the earth rocks underneath his feet.

God’s peace.

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