Prayers are arrows that take wing…

Girl praying

  • “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” Jm 5:16 Read more…
  • I said a prayer today: nor was it an idle word.
    Prayers are powerful to do good – and powerless for evil.
    God is not duty-bound to fulfill our prayer – God, as a person, will answer each prayerful request as is His wont.

  • If prayer is conversation: God’s response will sometimes be “yes”, sometimes “no”, sometimes a thoughtful silence. Sometimes “wait a bit”. In fact, God will respond with more variety that the sum totality of the human response to our individual requests.
  • Sometimes I draw nearer to God in prayer and glimpse a little of what Eden must have been like: a shadow of what Adam and Eve felt to talk with God in the garden. Before they fell into shadow.

Let this thought then guide your prayers: ask much. Ask often. Ask confidently.

And then listen. And then do what He tells you.


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