The broken heart of Job

Breaking heart

And Job had much…

Job had much wealth in livestock: in oxen, in sheep, and in camels. Then his flocks suffered the depredations of roving bands of thieves. And any remainder was destroyed by fire from the heavens.

And Job’s heart grew heavy.

Job had seven sons, and three daughters. Then they all died when the house in which they were feasting collapsed, destroyed by a fierce desert wind.

And Job’s heart was pierced by bitter grief for the dead.

Job had a beautiful wife, whom he dearly loved. She told him to curse God and die. And then she left him.

And Job’s soul was sundered in twain.

Job had a healthy body. Then he was afflicted from head to foot with painful boils. He was hideously disfigured: he looked like a gargoyle.

And Job’s self-image was shattered.

Job had helped many. He had been widely respected, esteemed and loved. And the people whom he had helped forsook him. And despised him. And mocked at him.

And Job’s respectability vanished.

Job had developed close friendships over the years. He had knit his spirit with other men of a wise and discerning spirit. And his “friends” mistook Job’s sufferings, and misunderstood Job’s pains. They accused him falsely.

And Job’s “social support network” was annulled.

And Job had nothing…

And the heart of Job broke. And he accused God.

Then God spoke from out of the storm. And Job repented.

And the broken life of Job was knit anew.
The broken shards of his life, his manhood, and his livelihood were reformed, restored, regained, and renewed.
The broken pieces of the old life became the foundation stone for new.

For the glory of His name.

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