The Portal

Light shining through door

Death is the portal, going through we came to see
What in the flesh is shrouded round with mystery.
Whence evil? Sickness? Suffering? The innocent
Shrink back astonished, punished wrongly, roughly sent
To endure hunger, ostracised and cursed as well
Eden is dead. And earth affords a living hell.

What can the flesh now comprehend of things to be?
How can the mortal understand eternity?
The fool rejects all things beyond the temporal plane
Believing back to primal slime he turns again.
But soul-filled hunger craves the answer from a god
All-knowing, wise, all-powerful, whose feet have trod
Our earth and known our pain and felt like mortal can
Remaining still – somehow – sublime and heavenly man.

Can this be true? Is this desire sin-enticed?
Or does the answer really come from knowing Christ?

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